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Discovering the "true" Turin can be a thrilling adventure. Nature and culture, productivity and art, magic and religion, tradition and innovation. Everything and its opposite can be found in this "Real" and "Royal" city.

Turin  Walks ®

Turin Walks is a consolidated reality in the panorama of tourist’s routes available in the city of Turin. The city’s paths are never trivial but are intended to reveal wonderful sights and delights of the city. All the tours are lead by licensed and local official tourist guides.


Our activities

Turin Walks  offers guided tours into Turin’s museums, exhibits and monuments, known and less known, classical and customizable itineraries at any moment of the year, with special attention to major events involving the city.. Besides history, art and culture, with Turin Walks ® you will discover the city’s local food and wine, anecdotes, secrets and funny facts.



Turin, with its rich artistic and environmental heritage will amaze you; from its noble Residences and spectacular monuments to its unique and interesting museums.


Our tours

Through our guided tours you’ll track down secret spots, enjoy delicious local products, admire breathtaking sceneries, and sample a genuine taste of Piedmont’s history and tradition. Tours will be running at all times of the year.


Discover all the events in Turin and choose the right time to do your city break!

Walking in Turin is a unique experience: you think of it in one way, turn around and ………it surprises you!


Keep in mind: 

You didn’t find the date you were looking for? 

Our themed itineraries can also be organized off-schedule and for groups with at least 8 participants.

Tours are available in English and, by request,  in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian.

About us:

We are two sisters linked by the passion for our city, but we are also professional and qualified tourist guides. Thanks to the valuable collaboration of some of our colleagues, we have been able to make some special and innovative offers for you. What are you waiting for?

“Turin is a very fine city. In the matter of roominess it transcends anything that was ever dreamed of before, I fancy.” 
(Mark Twain)

Ardena Caramello

Via Garibaldi … what a wonderful walk! Just off the long road leading to the West … the Alps chain from Genevrier to the Great Saint Bernard, confusing in gray jagged pyramids with the sunset clouds” ( John Ruskin)

Eric Black
Co- founder & ceo

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Our Tours

If you are thinking about a city that combines the ancient Roman origins to the magnificence of the Baroque without sacrificing innovation and research…
If you’re thinking about the cradle of the Risorgimento, the reign of Charles Albert, of Cavour and Vittorio Emanuele II, the first major capital of unified Italy…
If you are thinking about a place where, at the foot of the Alps, you can meet ancient Egypt, take a walk in the Middle Ages along the river, revive the myth of cinema from the dawn to the present day…
If you’re thinking about many historical royal residences surrounded by nature and futuristic post-industrial innovation projects…
If you are thinking about a wonderful reality where art and history, science and technology, design, food and wine, faith and magic live together ….
You’re thinking about … TURIN!

EatinTOur ®

A walk trough flavors and tales

Take a tour of the high-level cuisine’s locations and prime examples frames of the history of a two thousands year’s old city and try four tasting stops, from the typical Turin’s aperitif to the coffee, with courses strongly connected to the tradition of the visited sights. The tour includes four tasting stops in order to create an itinerant menu.

AperiTOur ™

 The traditional ” aperitivo”

AperiTOur is a guided walking tour through the sights of Turin’s traditional “Aperitivo”, between brilliant creation such as the Vermouth and amazing squares, beautiful living rooms for food enthusiast of different historical times. Three different tasting stops of a stroll in the city centre, to experience three different “Aperitivo”, in three different locations.


Tasting the sweet

Chocolate runs in the veins of Turin. This route is designed for you to taste the tradition of local producers and learn their connection to Italy’s history.

You will pass through the most beautiful squares of Turin, historical cafeterias with their revigorating Bicerin, one of the sweetest specialities of the Piedmontese territory.

City tour and Egyptian museum

Dont’t miss it!

Join us in Turin historical city center’s visit, walking through majestic squares and  and enter in the fascinating world of one of the most important civilizations in history, the Egyptian one. Learn everything about the Antique Egypt with our guided tour in the Egyptian Museum.

Museums and Expositions


27/05/2018 – 30/09/2018
Taking a trip along the rivers and hills in the province of Torino, there are 23 castles and historic homes waiting for you to see their medieval towers and moats and also the welcome of the beautiful country residences belonging to the Savoy aristocracy. Admire their architecture while discovering all the history, the intrigues and the passions locked within their ancient walls!

They are open every last Sunday of the month, from May to September.

What’s more, in some historic homes you will enjoy a testing of the Wines of the province of Turin.


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From 9 March to 9 September
Museo Egizio, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo and Musei Reali.
Exhibition of works that provide food for thought about current theme such as the systematic and conscious destruction of cultural heritage.

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02/11/2018 – 04/11/2018
Artissima is the most important contemporary art fair in Italy, recognised internationally because of its identity as an experimental and research fair, able to attract galleries, artists, collectors and industry professionals from all over the world. 

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All the latest news and updates in real time of all events in Turin and in its beautiful surrondings.


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Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is the biggest international event dedicated to food. The 12th edition, organized in collaboration with the Region of Piedmont and City of Turin, will be[…]

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