Turin walks ®

Discovering the "true" Turin can be a thrilling adventure. Nature and culture, productivity and art, magic and religion, tradition and innovation. Everything and its opposite can be found in this "Real" and "Royal" city.

Baroque secrets

A walk in search of the masterpieces of those great architects that celebrated Savoy Dynasty’s splendour with pristine and graceful major works. The itinerary will lead you to experience unusual and unknown places,  and the secret treasure chests which have contributed to making Turin the Capital of Baroque.


Turin, Love at first sight

Dedicated to those coming to the city for the first time, this tour allows us to unveil Turin’s vast history through legends and oddities that will make you love this prismatic metropolis. Exploring the twisting and turning paths of the main streets and through scenographic squares of the downtown we conclude with the visit of one of the Noble dwellings symbol of Turin’s history.


Royal Walk, gatherings of past atmospheres

A walk in the political and representative heart of Turin to discover historical cafés and meeting places where celebrities and sophisticated ladies used to hang out at. With our tour you’ll unearth the hidden side of the city with  its courtyards and ancient shops, out-and-out secret treasure chests showing the magnificence of the old Royal city.



ONE city, TWO hour’s path to tell THREE centuries of  Turin’s architectural history through life and works of FOUR great city planners and builders, piedmontese per birth, passion or adoption, makers of inner city’s most interesting buildings. The itinerary will reveal secret details of famous constructions and tap at others waiting to be discovered.